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The Decade Year Meetings:
The Annual Aims, The Quarterly Quests, & the Monthly Masteries

How to Accomplish More In One Year, Than Your Previous Ten

A Little Understood Philosophy About How to Retrain the Mind So We Can Have Greater Meaning, Happiness and Power,
In the Only Time Possible… Now.

Dear Friend,

Have you been frustrated why you aren’t being who in your heart you know you can be, and why you’re going around in circles with the same limitations year after year?

Have you read and listened to all kinds of books, inspirational speeches, conventions and workshops… – and nothing seems to be working? (or at best it works v-e-e-e-ry slowly…?)

Then this could be the most important message you’ll read this year.

Here’s why:


This is a contradiction to be making right at the start of this article isn’t it?

But let’s be brutally honest, you really do not need ‘more’ information, whether it’s about wisdom, health, leadership, relationships, wealth… etc. I’m willing to make a prediction here:

You’re already drowning in it! You probably have tons of books, eBooks, and articles around the home and on your computer –  99% of which is only skimmed through.

You probably visit the internet regularly search out for information like this, only to amass more things that you ‘should’ read and watch. So you may even have everything bookmarked from health to wealth, from motivation to inspiration, from meditation to self-actualization…

You’ve got a small library going already, and many more sources of info to come.

While this is commendable (as all good leaders are voracious readers), the bigger question is, ‘How is it working so far?’

What measurable difference are all these new books, courses and audios making in your life?

And by that I mean what real and concrete changes in your actions, in your attitude, in your finances, in your health, in your relationships and in your career do they affect for you?

If your answer is ‘not that much’, then this is your wake-up call:

They come in for counselling, to make the leap from ‘theory’, into a practical reality.

I’ll paraphrase some of the more recent comments:

“In pursuing my dreams, I’ve been having trouble meeting my finances. I have always believed in seizing the opportunity and taking the risk to do what is in my heart, but now I’m stuck in debt. How do I take care of these financial bills and obligations that seem to be closing in on me all the time? I’ve read the financial books and attended the seminars, but it seems like I’m trying to pick up water with a bucket that has a large hole at the bottom. Instead of making me money, they cost me money.”


“I continue to struggle in managing my health and meeting my goals. I often feel disappointed in myself for missing the mark. I keep slipping back into my old ways of exercising very little and feeling unmotivated. I start exercising, then after a few sessions stop. I decide to quit the habit of smoking, but then I keep coming back to it within weeks.”


“I don’t understand how ‘spiritual development’ quite fits into my life. I get a sense of its direction and how it is ultimately of the highest value, but I live in a real world which doesn’t exactly reward this, nor is it something that I can quite understand. How do I practically live a spiritual life and how do I balance it with the real world?”

These are difficult questions and they undoubtedly cannot be fixed with a quick, offhand remark. When they come in for coaching, I can hear their frustration in their voices. They represent so many of us.

I really feel for them. They have big hearts and start on the journey of personal development in the hope of bettering themselves, their families, their business, their community… i.e. in the hope of making the world a better place.

They start this journey, yet they never really get anywhere. Year after year things stay the same, they compound their stress and debt – yet keep clinging to ‘the hope’.

Worst still is when they become discouraged and loose all hope. To deal with their disappointment, they become cynical of ‘positivity and optimism’ and build a thick wall to keep themselves away from further hurt, – as well as from life and love

For inside every cynic, there’s usually a broken-hearted idealist.

The information age is over!

It has been estimated for example, that a week’s worth of the New York Times has more information in it than a person living in the 18th century would have come across in their entire lifetime. And at present, information is doubling every 12 months – and shortly some foresee that it will double every 12 hours!

So more information, a new best seller or a ‘new program of the month’ is not the answer. You need to implement all this knowledge you have amassed already, and you need to do it today!

To quote John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

You need to master the fundamentals you already know. You need a practical plan and a system that works with you to make measurable and self-reinforcing progress. You need the support structure to implement this expansive body of knowledge.

How do I know all this?

I’ve been there too, and I hear it all the time from others. In working for a decade as a leadership counsellor and helping people to make changes in their personal and business life, they all inevitably have been keen readers and personal development enthusiasts.

If you can identify with their frustration, let this be a ‘warning sign’. You can’t do what you’ve done over and over again in the past and expect different results. Albert Einstein said this is the very definition of insanity.

So if you’re willing to stick with me and read the following letter, I will share with you a critical insight that will solve this greatest of problems facing personal development.

It will give you more clarity than many seminars or courses that cost thousands.

I’m serious here. I’ve been there too. I too have experienced the same frustration.

It hasn’t been a sudden insight, but a distinction that grew through my years in leadership counselling, which is undeniably, at the heart all fundamental personal, social and spiritual transformations…

Because at the heart of it all, is this problem…

How do we get ourselves to actually perform
the good that we already know that we should do?

For this is the great ‘pink elephant’ in the living room that almost everyone fails to acknowledge! (as we drown in more and more information)

Here’s a concrete example. Dr. Edward Miller, CEO of John Hopkins University hospital, noted that what has been studied over and over and over again, is that in cases where people are presented with the actual option – CHANGE or DIE – in 90% of cases, people do NOT change!

What specifically Dr. Miller was referring to, is that when patients come in after a heart attack incident and undergo a major surgery of a ‘coronary-artery bypass graft’, they are given all the right information …

i.e. they are told specifically what aspects of the lifestyle clogged up their arteries and then they are then given an exact plan for exactly what they need to change, in order to take advantage of their remaining chance at life…

But what happens is that in just a few months, most people are back to their old habits! More than 90% do exactly as before, within two years!

For “even though they know they have a very bad disease”, as Dr. Miller says, “and they should change their lifestyle, for whatever reason, they can’t!”

So if 9 in 10 people can’t make a relatively simple behavioral change like a change in diet – when literally death is the consequence – how much more challenging is it to make the much bigger leap, of living out a life heroic?

…to become the real leader, entrepreneur or influencer that you feel called to be? 

Because despite our present good intentions of where we would like to be, the likelihood that in two or three years we will be pretty much doing the same old things we do now – in pretty much the same manner – is statistically at least 90% to 95%!

Consider then – what negative behaviors do you have that you wish that you would change?

Do you have a hope that some form of positive change will come sometimes in your future – like in being healthier, stronger, wealthier, wiser?

Because here is a ‘red pill’ moment: the odds are heavily stacked against us my friend!

Don’t believe me?

Then ask yourself, what were you doing 2 or 3 years ago?  What was your life like?

What were your habits like? Who were your friends? What was your physical health like? What was your wealth like? What was your wisdom like?

Got a picture in mind?

Now, how much different is your life now, from who you were back then? How much have things changed?

It the answer is ‘not much’, this is the exact issue I want to talk about!

The reality of making changes ‘appears’ as easy, but in reality, it’s one of the most difficult things in the world!

Why? Because it’s written in the very laws of physics!

⇒ The first law of motion states:

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon. This law of physics is also known as the law of inertia.

Meaning that unless something substantial intercedes, our lives shall continue to go much in the same way as before.

⇒ And the second law of thermodynamics states:

In a closed system, unconstrained energy spontaneously tends to disperse. This law of physics is also known as the law of entropy.

Meaning, that by nature, all things gradually decline into disorder (and not toward more order).

Therefore by laws of physics, in life, things generally tend to continue to stay pretty much the same way as they are now, or they will get worse.

In about 2 or 3 years from now this is the outcome – unless, unless – you can put in place another law that can overcome these two basic foundational laws of physics!

To make a successful change into a more positive direction, this requires the application of an intelligently channeled power – to overcome the force of both inertia and entropy.

This has to be done with as much intelligence and power, as it takes for a rocket to escape the pull of gravity. Lame efforts won’t do!

And yet, isn’t the “Kool-Aid” we’re supposed to drink, that change is easy…? That all you need is just to get some education and some will power to make change happen – and all shall work out well?

Yet in reality, as it is with heart attack patients (or any other patient for that matter), for 9 out of 10 people, even when their own life is on the line – they cannot change!


Well, the law they use to help them grow from strength to strength is…

The Law of Habit Formation.

The Law of Habit Formation is the master key for how to overcome the laws of inertia and entropy. Throughout history few minds have fully understood this law and its profound implications.

In fact only those who have been intimately involved in experimenting with the keys to higher education have realized it. And it usually has been after many decades of research and hands-on experience.

Napoleon Hill for instance, the groundbreaking personal development author of last century who researched hundreds of individuals of highest achievement, over several decades – only came to realize the law of habituation towards the end of his life.

After working with hundreds of the highest achievers in the world and putting together the major principles of success through a number of best-selling books – he only saw this ‘missing piece’ last, while working with W. Clement Stone. As Napoleon Hill expressed, the understanding of this law, was the culmination of his life long study into excellence.

He called this the ‘Habit Force Law’ and acclaimed it to be ‘the greatest of all natural laws, for in effect it unites all success principles’:

“Habit Force is nature’s comptroller through which all other natural laws are coordinated,
organized, and operated through orderliness and system…
All of your successes and failures are results of habits you have formed”

Similarly, Dr. John Dewey, perhaps the most influential educational philosopher of last century noted:

“All habits form our effective desires and they furnish us with our working capacities.
They rule our thoughts, determining which shall appear and be strong
and which shall pass from light into obscurity.

Formation of ideas as well as their execution depends upon habit.
A wish gets definite form only in connection with an idea,
and an idea gets shape and consistency only when it has a habit back of it.”

The Law of Habit Formation is a enormously powerful principle. In fact, one of the first persons in our history to consciously use and apply this principle in a major way, was Alexander the Great.

By the mastery of this law (within the mindset and values of the times), he conquered and unified most of the known world, was undefeated in battle even against enemies vastly superior in strength and number, instituted some of the first systems of universal education and strategic planning… and all in all, permanently shifting the destiny of our civilization.

All this was possible because Alexander the Great had one of the best ‘coaches’ of all time, Aristotle. This master philosopher, (who was in turn coached by Plato, who was in turn coached by Socrates), taught the ‘Law of Habit Formation’ principle to Alexander. He challenged Alexander to establish great habits from a young age.

Greatness has a simple formula Aristotle wrote:

“Greatness comes about as a result of habit!
We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts,
brave by doing brave acts.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Greatness, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

We don’t need more Information. We need to practice forming good habits!

That’s because if we first shape our habits, then we can have then our habits shape us and our destiny.

Information about what to do abounds. The internet is super-saturated by it. Just put in an idea on a search engine and millions of pages show up. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed. We surely cannot read it all, and surely it’s not all of equal value and benefit.

That’s why most make so little gains from personal development. That’s where most ‘lose it’.

Most people jump from program to program, from book to book, from idea to idea and never really integrate anything solid into their character.

For when who you are in habit doesn’t change,
nothing changes for you.

Change is wholly dependent on who you habitually are.

When your habits change, everything changes.

We all are where we are today, because of the habits we had yesterday, and we cannot be somewhere better tomorrow, without habituating a better mode of being today… without having embodied ‘good habits’.

And that is why we have created AQMeets …

AQMeets – A Complete System to Habituate the Great Time-Tested Principles For High Achievement – Goal-Setting, Assessments, Counselling and Much More!

As of right now, you can be part of a most unique and comprehensive program to cultivating in habit the foundational habits for high achievement – unlike anything you may have encountered before…

AQMeets is unlike any other program in the world, because we have set up for you the most practical means for how to permanently put into your habits the behaviors, emotional makeup, and cognitive processing of high achievers.

We don’t just talk about it, (like almost all others do).
We walk the road, together with you!

AQMeets is systematically organized, so that step by step, YOU END UP OWNING ALL THE HABITUAL PATTERNS OF THOUGHT, EMOTION AND ACTION of the Greatest people that ever lived.

This one-of-a-kind methodology and philosophy we have called:


So, what is Virtue Formation Praxis all about?

It is a philosophy and methodology sourced in the wisdom of Jesus and his epistemology. (‘Epistemology’, being the technical word that philosophers use to describe how do we come to know what we know…)

Jesus, illustrated his epistemology through his profound parable, the Parable of the Sower.  If you have not heard of this parable before, it goes like this:

“A farmer went out to sow his seed, as he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up.

Some fell on rocky place, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root.

Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.

Still other seeds fell on good soil, where it produced a crop – a hundred, sixty or thirty times what it was sown.”

Jesus taught most often through parables, and he did this, for a number of very important reasons.

As he explained, a key reason for this was so he could more deeply engage with the people who were committed to his wisdom, and to confuse the ones who were there for the wrong reason…

Parables required a commitment to think deeply, and with this, he was able to separate “the wheat from the chaff”, so to speak… 

So those who were there for the wrong reasons, they could hear the parable, say that they got it, and then they would move on… But for those who were hearing a parable with the right intentions, a parable offered unparalleled depth in terms of meaning and insight.

On one hand, a parable explained a complex phenomenon, in a way that’s both simple and intuitively graspable. It can be easily memorized and shared with others, and yet still retained all the interconnected insights within. 

And on the other hand, a parable is more like a fractal, for those who truly want to understand. As one looks into a parable, it opens up into a rich territory for contemplation, for research and for development.

The very backbone of Virtue Formation Praxis (the methodology of AQMeets) is grounded in this parable, which in essence can be understood as 3 fundamental problems, and in turn, 3 resolutions.

Our aim with AQMeets has been to help you to overcome all these 3 issues:
(hover over the images to read…)

The First Problem: Seeds Are Left on the Surface

Key Insight about Learning Problem #1 = Profound Ideas Are Just Superficially Understood

Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Meetings
As To Establish Meaningful Depth of Thought and Intention

The Second Problem: The Seeds Are Planted in Rocky Ground

Key Insight about Learning Problem #2 - Profound Ideas Have No Emotional Connection

Dig Beyond the Rock of Logic and Facts
With Emotionally Aware Experiences and Experiments

The Third Problem: The Seeds Are Cultivated Among Weeds

Key Insight about Learning Problem #3 - Profound Ideas Are Choked by a Corruptible Culture

Flourish Amidst a Culture Dedicated to the Pursuit of Truth
By Engaging In Active Dialectic Exercises for the Formation of Virtue

(Seeds Are Left on the Surface)
Meaning: Profound Ideas Are Superficially Understood

Many think that profound ideas (like about one’s mission, goals, or values), that these will inevitably and automatically germinate (or transform) into a successful life – just because one thought them up, talked this over with their friend, or wrote their goal down in a journal or on an social media post…

But these essential ideas, are just “superficially scattered” in one’s awareness, without much deep thought, planing or understanding… They’re left on the surface of their awareness.

As such, it is no surprise that in time, this does not develop into anything further than a statement about a ‘pipe dream’ one had…

Without proper depth of thinking, planning and understanding – those seeds of inspiration will quickly be destroyed by nature’s entropy processes. They’ll get destroyed, whether by other people’s ‘well meaning’ opinions (i.e. the birds will eat these seeds), or they’ll simply diminish from one’s memory in time (i.e. the natural elements will eventually disintegrate these seeds)

The most important and valuable ideas in your life – what you will do with your future, where will you be, how will you get there – these are not mere cheap sentiments to be considered on New Years Eve, or when having a casual drink with a friend…

If you’re serious, you need to bury these seeds in good soil. You need to consider specifically the how, why, where and when of these ideas – in principle and practice. You need to allow these seeds to grow into roots…

The sad reality is that most people spend at least 12 years of their lives in education about their jobs – most often more than 15 – yet do not spend more than a few minutes to consider how to live a life that matters.

The most important ‘assignment’ and ‘homework’  in our lives, is treated with the most casual and trivial of concerns. We leave this most important life assignment, to chance and mood…

To make the most of our lives we need to deeply think about our mission, our values, our vision, our goals – with at least the same seriousness of intent that we have given our career or hobby!

The AQMeets Solution:
Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Meetings
As To Establish Meaningful Depth of Thought and Intention

AQMeets is all about cultivating the vision, the values, and the voice you need to live a life heroic.

Through in-depth 2 full day workshops at the start of each year, (or at the start of the new financial year), together with 1 full day workshop each quarter to review quarter of the way milestones, and eight monthly meeting throughout… we do our utmost to dig these seeds within, and to establish the strongest of roots.

Through these live webinars, rhythmically presented – annually, quarterly and monthly – we break down our highest ideals, intentions and initiatives, into accountable action. We don’t threat this matter ‘superficially’. We go deep.

In the Annual Aims Meetings in the first day, we spend a whole day to gain a holistic self-awareness of where we are at, across the four dimensions of our being. Like with a GPS navigator, we clarify exactly our location, in relation to our goal. In the second day we then pivot and consider how far we can move ourselves by the end of the year, and what exactly would this look like…

In the Quarterly Quests Meetings, we then spend another full day, to set up a precise plan for how to make it a quarter of the way to our Annual Aims. We think, rethink and reimagine as more information comes in throughout the year, for how we can get to our goals most effectively.

In the Monthly Mastery Meetings, we then briefly re-discuss where we’re at on our journey, and then we cover one powerful idea (A Mastery Principle) which allows us to live up to our fullest potential, and how to habituate this Mastery Principle in our lives. These are profound discussions that integrate philosophy, theology, psychology and practical personal development.

All these unique resources have been scientifically and philosophically informed, so they stimulate the deepest levels of thought and understanding. We will get to an unparalleled level of clarity about what your potential can be, and how we can arrive there. 

It’s by having this clarity that will inspire you, ‘to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and to endeavor to live the life you imagine’ as Henry Thoreau once put it.

And where likewise, you’ll ‘meet with a success unexpected, in common hours’.

The Seeds Are Planted in Rocky Ground)
Meaning: Profound Ideas Have No Emotional Connection

Although better than scattering the seeds on the ground, we also can’t expect a good understanding of profound ideas to create good fruits either, IF these seeds have been implanted in the shallowness of ‘rock-logic’ only.

Understanding alone will not produce good fruits either, (although it may initially seem promising), because we are not just ‘calculating machines’…

We are also emotional beings, and thus, the seeds of our our mission, vision, values and goals – these also need to be cultivated in our hearts.

“The heart has its own reason that reason itself cannot understand”, as Blaise Pascal beautifully expressed.

The second principle that Jesus advises for our optimal personal education, is that we nourish our great ideas with heart, and more than just the ‘rock logic’ of our brains.

After all, as we mentioned in the heart attack example earlier – how many people actually change their behavior, just because they ‘intellectually’ know something is ‘not good’?  (How many people still smoke, in full light of the information they know? Many doctors smoke…)

Without cultivating our emotional intelligence in relation to our highest ideals, when the harsh elements of life come up against these budding seedlings, our ‘high ideals’ dry up.

To reach the harvest stage, we need to go beyond the rockiness of intellect only. We need to create a deep root structure – one that reaches our heart – one that can then withstand temptations, setbacks and our own self-deceptions.

In short, we need to cultivate the right sentiments and feelings.

The AQMeets Solution:
Dig Beyond the Rock of Logic and Facts
With Emotionally Aware Experiences and Experiments

The reason why AQMeets exists is to go far beyond the educational experiences we have been conditioned with, and to enter the realm of the truly, positively transformational.

Our aim here is that we start living up to the ideas and ideals we love and are inspired by. It’s that simple.

And in the same way that a personal trainer takes you to heightened levels of physical fitness, through progressive exercises to increase your strength – in AQMeets we will undertake regular practices that develop our mental, as well as our emotional muscles.

Central to this whole process, is the application of ‘iLifeChange Experiments’ and ‘iReawaken Experiences’, which aim to integrate our understanding beyond the intellectual and into our {heart space}.

Central in these short burst intensives are ‘ensoulments sessions’ – where you have an entire set of contemplations to helps us to add a layer of emotional depth, behind our understandings about the highest good.

Their purpose is to aid the discovery of a reality beyond the merely logical… to help cultivate a deep-seated love for ‘the good’, and the want to do what it takes, to attain ‘the good’.

Featuring guided visualizations, meditations and other spiritual exercises, our aim here is to raise our awareness of the ‘inspirational intangibles’… That is, our most noble feelings and our most intimate vision for what it means to lead a magnanimous life.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in “The Little Prince”:

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

The seeds Are Cultivated Among Weeds)

Meaning: Profound Ideas Are Choked by a Corruptible Culture

In we go back to our parable, we note that in the third scenario of Jesus, is certainly a better condition to be in than the previous two. When we understand things deeply, and also have a deep emotional connection for the good – our life shall grow and these ideas will produce some fruit…

The challenge that Jesus reminds us of in the third scenario, is that of ‘fruitfulness’.

This is the last and greatest challenge.

For if our seeds are nourished mentally and emotionally, but are placed among weeds – the weeds will divert nourishment away from our good crops, and we will have a very small and limited harvest.

“The worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth” as Jesus explained, “choke the seeds”.

Many of us have a major challenge at this level. There are all kinds of ‘weed-seeds’ that have been sown in our gardens – whether it was done by our upbringing, or by the media, or by our well-meaning friends, or by our education…

For we live in a culture that is generally speaking, most often toxic to the development of success, happiness and virtue.

We therefore need to wisely protect the plot we’re given, and pay attention with who we ‘mastermind with’ – as to ensure the good seeds that we have planted are nourished and well-defended.

We need to GIVE OURSELVES ROOM TO GROW in a field that’s uncluttered and is supportive of our highest aspirations.

The Solution:
Flourish Amidst a Culture Dedicated to the Pursuit of Truth
By Engaging In Active Dialectic Exercises for the Formation of Virtue

Bad habits are most often enforced or even created through a network of people who engage in bad habits.

And the opposite of this is equally true. We learn good habits through people who practice the good.

To ensure fruitfulness, we need to place ourselves in a climate that’s free of the ordinary pretenses that the world is engaged in… of the familiar ways of relating to others where we often ‘play small’… of the same entangled ways of communicating that reinforces fear and inauthenticity.

We need to learn and to connect socially with people who harmonize with our best intentions – to learn socially anew better habits, for a better state of being.

For there is a whole new level of learning that’s aided by being in the company of like-minded, like-hearted, like-intentioned people…

As such, we undertake this whole learning journey live, in real time, together with other members from your city and from around the world.

Throughout our sessions here, we meet as to engage in ‘dialectic exercises’ and many other empowering conversationsWe cultivate through a new and fresh relationship dynamic, the key habits that you’d love to have ingrained in your character.

In each meeting, we have a set structure and a set of exercises so we can embody these ideals not only in our mind, our body, our emotion… but also our social relations.

Here you’ll come to form a new mastermind alliance – with people just like you – as to make real the key virtues within the specific roles and specific mission of your life. We support each other’s vision and affirm in faith its realization. We keep each other accountable so problems become surmountable.

And we form new habits in a safe and supportive environment, as to translate these new goods, in relation to the people in our lives that we lead – whether as parents, or teachers, or managers, or any number of roles that we occupy.

This is the ‘never fail’ principle that makes this Virtue Formation Praxis work. Make friends with people who want the best for you. Or as Charlie Tremendous Jones used to say, ‘five years from today you’ll be the same you are today, except for the books you read, and the people you meet’.


So if you’re excited by what you’ve just read, I’d like to invite you then to join us inside with AQMeets…

Would you like to discover the time tested wisdom for how to live an abundant and resolute way of life? A life that has mastered worries, doubts and heartaches, and gracefully flows with ever-renewing happiness?

Would you like to be a person who undoubtedly knows their purpose? One who is secure and confident in their hopes and dreams – even as walking through a world of confusion, cynicism and contempt?

Would you like to have the wisdom to know how to lead others, as to accomplish tremendous things?

Would you like to cultivate the social intelligence to have lifelong, loyal friends that help you become a better person?

Not in ‘potentiality’, but to actually do that? To be recognized as this kind of person?

If you answered YES to these questions,
then AQMeets is most likely exactly what you’ve been looking for!

If you are serious in realizing all these goods in your life, AQMeets is your answer.

For as we have stated throughout, only a personal development program that supports you to comprehensively form good habits is worth your time. And this is what AQMeets is designed to do – unlike any other program out there.

This shall be the center of your learning experience with us.

For while there are plenty of programs that prescribe moralizing, or have an abundance of presentations on all kinds of psychological, philosophical, psychological and all kinds of tidbit hacks… AQMeets is your sole solution for how to form the mindset of a successful person, and have this develop into a habit… a RHYTHM.

So if you are excited to develop this kind of inner strength, we’re ready to embark!


If you thought you learned a lot so far, I cannot begin to tell you how many more ‘light bulb moment’ experiences there are in store for you!

The best is yet to come. You ain’t seen nothing yet!


If for any reason you feel this program falls short of the intended mark – let us know and you’ll receive every cent back. You have 40 days to note the difference.

So join us and judge for yourself. Rest assured, with a guarantee like this, we must deliver!

In short, there’s zero risk here – just a massive, massive, one-of-a-kind opportunity that you will not find anywhere else.

Let’s Begin! 🙂

Carpe Diem!

John Angheli

P.P.S. If you feel right about this experiment, if your imagination is excited by the possibilities, if your soul ‘clicked’ with the ideas here  don’t procrastinate.

You know well what happens when you do… You’ll get caught up with a phone call, then dinner, then something else – and no later you would forget all about this.

The best time to act is right here and now.

Let your intuition be your guide and act with confidence.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But perhaps there may be just one thing that’s still in the back of your mind… So I’ll just leave you with the question that psychologist Dr. Maslow used to ask his students before beginning his courses:

“Which of you expects to create Greatness in your life?”

After a long period of silence and blank stares, he remarked with wonder,

“But if not you, then who?”

Dare to Make a Difference!

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