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Attention Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers!

Unleash the Very Best Version of You,
With the Ultimate Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Meetings and MORE!

Re-Focus and Re-Align To Your Highest Vision, Values and Goals –
With the Ultimate System to Re-assess and Re-imagine Your Future.

Learn More In the Video Below and Join Us Today!

World Class Leaders Love Our Programs

Here Are a Sample…

So, What Are AQMeets For?

It All Starts With a Simple, Self-Evident Truth – unless you have your mind concentrated on your highest good, day-by-day, month-by-month, quarter-by-quarter, year-by-year, the chances of your reaching your actual potential in this lifetime, are slim to none.

This Is Why AQMeets Was Created.

AQMeets is like having access to a portal that gives you access to a fundamentally different life. It’s like stepping into an ‘alternate reality’, that makes the very best version of you possible!


If you would accomplish more in one year, than what takes many others ten years or never –
principled, focused planning is an absolute must!
(It never happens by accident…)

Life Before AQMeets:

Unfocused and Distracted
Unproductive Regarding What Matters
Poor Communications and Relationships
Bored and Pleasure Seeking

Life After 1 Year of AQMeets:

Focused Like a Laser Beam
Effectively Producing What Matters Most
Fulfilling Communication & Relationships
Meaningfully Engaged With Life

 Do you want to Experiment with this Truth for Yourself?

Then Join AQMeets and Experience This First Hand!

So, How Does This Work?

AQMEETS is like your “Ivy League consultant” who comes in, right on time, with killer workshops and masterclasses, to help you to re-think, re-imagine and re-motivate yourself, towards your highest vision – month by month, quarter by quarter, year by year.

AQMEETS is a series of continual, live, best-in-class workshops, that support your mind to re-focus on your best strategies, and your heart to re-engage with deep meaning – so you can accomplish more in one year, than what takes for most ten years, or never.

Think of this yearly rhythm, to be like that of a clock.

We start with the fundamental Annual Aims: 2 full day workshops that clarify where you are now and where you can arrive at – delivered live, at the start of each new year, and each new financial year.

We then regularly plan for how to reach these aims, by breaking our Annual Aims into Quarterly Quests – 1-full day meetings, live, four times each year.

Then we sharpen our minds, with ongoing Monthly Mastery meetings, for how to strengthen our best strengths.

All together, the Annual Aims, Quarterly Quests and Monthly Mastery meeting, these form the foundational, ‘Decade Year Program’.

For optimal performance, in between these rhythmic yearly beats, there are also four week long, short bursts of iReawaken Experiences’ that reconnect you to your highest motivations, and two 40-day long, short burst intensives, of ‘iLifeChange Experiments, for creative and behavioral breakthroughs.

And for the most advanced, there are also Self-Actualization Quests Counselling sessions, for how to arrive at deeply meaningful and personal insights into your mission.

These programs are here to help you optimize your entire experience.

As such, AQMEETS is your total solution, for how to set up your rhythm for success.

How to Setup the Rhythm of Your Success

Meaningful Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Meetings and More, for Today’s Emerging Leaders…

The great philosopher Aristotle once said,

“Excellence is an art won by training and habitualization.
We do not act rightly because we have ‘virtue’ or ‘excellence’,
but we have those rather because we have acted rightly.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

This is a little understood and little applied truth is at the heart of all great leaders, entrepreneurs or influencers. (And it is somewhat counter-intuitive.)

Because ordinarily, most of us do not think like this. We look at the accomplishments of another, and what they’re like in action, and then we automatically assume that their excellence is a given. (Aren’t they ‘lucky’…)

But what is most often not seen, are the hidden minutes and months and years that the greats invested in becoming excellent. We don’t see what they needed to sacrifice in time, as to become what now appears to be ‘effortless excellence’.

As it has been said, successful people do the things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. So as they do what others won’t, they often accomplish what others seemingly can’t.

And there’s nothing more powerful in this process, than the act of continually setting goals, establishing your vision, defining your mission, your values, your voice.

This is the ‘meta-habit’ that underlies all greatness. (And you’ll find a consensus of agreement about this, across all researchers into leadership and personal development.)

Yet knowing this, what has continually been problematic, is how to get yourself to continually to think, and to re-think, to re-imagine and to re-motivate yourself towards your highest vision and goals, on an ongoing basis.

For if ‘we are what we repeatedly do’, (and not just the occasional good idea or intention), to get ourselves to do this, we have just 3 options:

Option 1:
Do It Yourself, With Low Cost Info

You can try to schedule this habit of excellence, all by yourself. You can try to ‘pull yourself up by your own bootstraps’, if you will.

So you get bits and pieces from books and blogs, and then you’ll try to apply this information on your goals – day by day, month by month, year by year – and to continually focus and refocus on your vision. And you’ll try to do this process well.

But unless you have the ruthless self-discipline of an Olympic Athlete, as well as in-depth knowledge about psychology, philosophy, and leadership, this is option extremely hard to make work in practice.

Just like with simple NYE Resolutions for instance – for 94% of people, NYE goals are all but forgotten by the end of the month!

The probability of success to actually do this, and to do this well, is on average ‘very low’.

Option 2:
Do It With Seminars, Workshops and Online Courses

If you want a more serious solution, you’ll piece together a regular intake of personal and professional development seminars here, another strategic workshop there, another relevant online course somewhere down the line…

It’s not a bad option. The act of live attendance and uninterrupted concentration, together with the energy of likeminded people, can pull you much further upstream. 

But do this for a while and you’ll find yourself, with a clunky system. Conflicting procedures and contradictory advice from different sources, will inevitably need to be reconciled.

The worst part though, is that it still leaves you with the problem of how to form a focused mindset, and have this focus be an ongoing habit.

Sporadic seminars, workshops and courses do not support you to build up a rhythmic, ongoing process… They give random, short bursts of inspiration, which are then followed up by fumbles into old patterns.

And of course, this can also get a little ‘pricey’. (Seen the fees on what the fashionable ‘gurus’ charge for their seminars and workshops?)

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this option is superior. The probability of success in now in the range of ‘low to medium’.

Option 3:
Do It With a Professional Coach or Counsellor

If you take things more seriously still, you’ll hire someone to support you on a regular, ongoing basis – i.e. like with an executive coach or a leadership counsellor. He or she is to design and support your growth program, on a regular ongoing basis.

Just like with physical training, it’s one thing to watch a program online, or go to a gym, and it’s quite another to have an Olympic Coach knocking at your door at 6AM in the morning, asking you to exercise with them. (The Olympic Coach knows the training literature, inside and out and he’s in great shape too…)

But that’s of course, if you can afford the thousands of dollars per month they’ll charge you for the privilege. You get what you pay for, and great coaches are already booked out with high achievers. (Great ones charge in proportion to the salaries of CEOs and the like.)

So if your budget does not allow this, you’ll then need to resolve the huge problem of actually finding someone both competent and wise, with a low fee. (You don’t want a cookie-cutter clone of Tony Robbins and the like, with a coaching certificate they got on a weekend.)

But if you’re able to work with a great coach and to participate in this process repeatedly, your probability of success is once more increased. It’s somewhere in the range of ‘medium to very high’.

So, these are your three options:

–> Do it yourself with free info and low-cost information out there;
–> Attend various seminars and workshops as they come along;
–> Hire a wise counsellor and have them tailor a growth plan for you.

Well, at least that’s how it used to be, because now you also have…

Option 4:
Do It With AQMeets!

AQMeets is like the best of the second and third option, with few of the downsides of either.

What are AQMeets? They’re live, group leadership counselling sessions, where we focus, align and strategize on your life mission, vision and goals. Thoroughly and completely.

Like with Option 2, AQMeets means attending a great seminar or workshop regularly, and having that live energy and group momentum to pull you forward…

But because we meet online, you won’t need to travel to attend this event. It’s something you can easily slot into your calendar ahead of time, because like clockwork, we meet – annually, quarterly, monthly, and more – exactly where you are.

With AQMeets you get to build a rhythm – working on your goals, and integrating new habits, day-in, day-out, year-in, year-out.

Our events are precision timed, and repeat continually, which allow you to build a consistency of focus through time. Like with interest on money, with this regular application, you continually accumulate more focus, more alignment, and more inspiration, just by sticking through with the process.

Furthermore, because our philosophy is well organized, the AQMeets procedures and systems are also streamlined and congruent, through and through. (You don’t have the inefficiency of switching frameworks, and trying to integrate incongruent ideas.)

And yet, AQMeets is also like the best of Option 3 – i.e. you also work intimately with you own leadership counsellor, on an ongoing basis.

Inside AQMeets, you work personally with John Angheli – a world class leadership counsellor, and the innovator behind this entire system – with the right education and experience to support you.

Your lead counsellor has four educational degrees under his belt – with foundations in Architecture, and three master degrees, in Business, Education and Philosophy.

Professionally, he’s taught in higher education, was the former president of the Australian Life Coaching Society, produced the feature documentary, ‘The Great Aha!’, wrote three books, and is the innovator of Neuro-TetraDynamics, (a new technology for high motivation), and more…

And personally, he also walks the talk. He’s a happily married man, the father of 5 children, with an exemplary lifestyle routine, juggling the ruthless calendar demands of an entrepreneur.

The AQMeets you’re about to encounter as such, are not just informed by a vast range of studies into high achievement and self-actualization… They’ve been lived out and tested – as John applied in his life, his family, and those he counselled.

AQMeets is a battle-tested process for high achievement. So together with your lead counsellor, you can rest assured you’ll have the right support, each step of the way, like clockwork.

For inside AQMeets you’re not just a ‘member’. You’re part of a new brotherhood – a family of ‘new school’ leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers – focused on the total good.

Inside AQMeets, John and his team will ‘knock at your door’ regularly, as to get you to more focused, more inspired, and more active in your pursuit of greatness.

And last of all, unlike options 2 or 3, AQMeets also comes with a price that can’t be beat…

To have this rhythmic structure for success in your life, all this starts at just $77 per month, or less than 1 session with a run-of-the-mill coach. It’s all just $2.53 per day! (Less than the price of one small coffee)

So get started today with your no risk trial!

AQMeets Is Your Total Solution
To Set Your Rhythm for Success

Just Try It and Experiment for Yourself – With No Risk!

Annual Aims Meetings

2 full days live workshops to clarify where you are now and where you can potentially arrive at, within the year. Delivered twice yearly.

Quarterly Quests Meetings

1 full day live workshop to strategize how to arrive quarter of the way towards your annual goal. Delivered at start of each quarter/ four times per year.

Monthly Mastery Meetings

2-3 hours live workshops to explore peak performance strategies for how to strengthen your best strengths. Delivered eight times per year.

iReawaken Experience Meetings

Week long, 1-2 hour experiential meetings, to reconnect with your highest motivations. Delivered four times per year.

(More Information)

iLifeChange Experiment Meetings

40-Day Long, 1-2 hour meetings to install a new motivational OS, for how to arrive at creative and behavioral breakthroughs. Delivered twice yearly.

(More Information)

Self-Actualization Quests Counselling

Strategic 1-on-1 sessions with your leadership counsellor, for how to move to the next stage of leadership formation. Delivered as requested.

(More Information)

Upcoming AQMEETS:

iReawaken Experience:

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(About this 5-Day Event)

Annual Aims Meets:

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(About the Philosophy of this Program)

Quarterly Quests Meets:

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(About the Philosophy of this Program)

iLifeChange Experiment:

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(About this 40-Day Intensive)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no contract length or limits for AQMEETS. You can participate in our network, month by month and as long as you find benefit from our services. You can cancel at any time.

The only condition is on our Advanced Plan, when paid by the month. To take advantage of the leadership counselling, you will need to have subscribed for 3 months first, before booking a session with us. (This does not apply if you paid for the yearly plan, where you can book this session instantly.)

Our aim has been to create the most comprehensive solution for all your goal setting needs, encompassing all aspect s– from big picture mission, values, vision and annual goals, all the way down to the weekly and daily organization of tasks. You don’t need any other tools.

But if you have your own favorite tool that you already use (like a FranklinCovey or Filofax planner), you can keep using these, and you can apply our categories/ insights within your existing planners.

The programs give you access to your own offline workbooks, where you can complete your set exercises, either working directly inside on a PDF or to have them printed out. But like with other online services, access to the portal and the videos therein, these will become inaccessible if you decide to cancel.

Yes, you can. We have a dedicated line for further enquires regarding our meetings and workshops. You can submit your question via email or online form.

No, our platform is fully supported by all existing browsers. For webinar purposes though, we use Zoom webinar technology. You can join a Zoom meeting without any plugin or software as well. However, there is more functionality available through their app, (which may already be installed on your computer).

At present, we’re seeking to best serve our members by simultaneously undertaking a research project. We want to objectively measure how effective this program is in addressing the big issues that affect individuals and organizations today. As such we want to know more about your current circumstances, the baseline starting point that we’re working with, and if this program is the right fit for you.

For our research purposes, we do not collect any personal data, and your content is your own. Our research just looks at the measurable ‘before and after’ results you’ll gain after one year of AQMeets.

For this purpose, we encourage you to use a pen and paper (go analogue) as to write out your own notes and insights, in the workbooks that we provide. Our research does not publish or record any use of personal content or ideas. Furthermore, all members are asked to abide by a confidentiality policy.

Inside your portal area you have a link where you can cancel your seat at our roundtable. There’s no need to call, email or talk to anyone.

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